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As a corporate partner you are in a unique position to help prepare students for success by bridging the gap between their college career and the professional world. We offer several opportunities for you to share your insights while students are immersed in your work environment.

Intern for a Day

Consider hosting an “Intern For A Day”. This is a one-day, voluntary job shadowing experience where students spend time observing and working with your team to gain an understanding of the culture of your organization, your business and the industry.

Macys PeopleNYC Fall Tour

Each fall we venture to New York for company tours and some alumni networking. Students interested in making the move to the city after graduation are encouraged to take this journey. Let us know if we can visit your company this October.

Atlanta Spring Tour

Letting students tour your space and hear from your team is one of the best ways for them to “feel” what it’s like in the workplace. Many have never been in an agency setting before and the contrast of agency vs. corporate culture is best explained by seeing it firsthand.

SFO TripSFO Spring Tour

The winners of the Digital Marketing Competition are treated with a tour of companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The Bay Area is full of amazing organizations

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