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Google Analytics

In an earlier blog of mine about Google My Business, I mentioned Google Analytics also being a great FREE tool offered by Google. This tool is simple to use and can help you track and understand viewer responses to your website. I would highly recommend applying Google Analytics to any type of website. Obviously some websites will benefit more from the tool than others, but there are specific features that every website can benefit from

The word “analytics” might sound daunting to some, but Google makes it rather simple to use by offering videos about using its features. Even if you don’t currently have a website, you should still consider becoming certified in Google Analytics.  It looks impressive on your resume, and it’s a great asset to talk about in interviews!

So how do you take advantage of Google Analytics?

Using GA to collect analytical data from your website can be simple. All you have to do is  add a small piece of JavaScript tracking code to each page to collect anonymous information about how users interact with the specific page.

Every time a user loads a page on your website, the tracking code creates a “pageview” that is reported in GA. Here’s a short rundown on some of the most useful things GA tracks:

  • Total Pageviews: The total number of pages viewed by a user
  • Landing Pages: Lists the pages of your website where users first arrive
  • Exit Pages: Shows the pages where users left your site
  • Events: Track how users interact with specific elements of your website

The picture above looks like just a bunch of random numbers, but these numbers have a significant amount of value if you know how to interpret them correctly.

Here’s a list of some of the cool things you can learn about your website from these random numbers:

  1. Find out which campaigns attract the most awareness and conversions
  2. Determine where your more frequent users are located
  3. Understand what people are searching for on your site
  4. Identify your least preforming pages
  5. Identify where people leave the cart

In summary, Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that should not be overlooked – It can quantify your advertising campaign ROI, and provide in-depth knowledge about viewers interacting with your website.

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