Timing Is Everything

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Timing Is Everything

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With record sales on the steep decline in recent years, touring has become essential for a band or artist. This is where they will make majority of their income (especially for smaller acts). What truly matters in planning a tour is ticket prices. If you set the pricetoo high then you will most likely be playing to a mostly empty room. If the price is set too low then you might sell out all your shows, but you have missed out on huge margins. Getting the price right is where you start… but then the act, along with the tour manager, manager, and booking agent, decide on the best time for the tickets to be made available to the public. Generally, the group can make one of two options.

The first option is to put ticket prices on 2-3 months in advance. The benefits of putting tickets on sale so far in advance is beating the ‘noise’ of touring season. Most tours happen between the months of April through September. This is essentially eliminating show competition so that consumers won’t have to choose between your show and someone else’s. Most major acts do this and put all their shows on sale at once. A huge reason for this is because for major acts, fans will have to arrange special travel arrangements to get to their show.

The second option is to create purchase urgency by posting ticket availability a week or two in advance of the show. This is generally done per show instead of posting all shows at once. This can be a useful tactic for artists because it drives urgency in the consumer; it doesn’t give them time to think about where else they might want to spend their money. In a college town like Athens, GA; this tactic I believe works better. College students more time than not live hand to mouth. Not only are they impulsive buyers, but they aren’t going to plan their Friday night three months in advance for a middle-level act.

These are just two, very broad choices for posting tickets on a tour. There are many variations of this but this may be a baseline acts to think about.

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