Amazon Key gets in your house

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Amazon Key gets in your house


Amazon is always coming out with new and innovative features to stay atop the tech world. Their latest addition is the Amazon Key. This service allows the person delivering your package to be able to unlock your door and put your package inside. The service is going to be available to those who are Amazon Prime members and must also have a smart camera along with a smart door lock that is functional with the service. The package is $120 if you just want the camera and the lock, $250 if you want Amazon to come and install it for you. This service will be available in 37 cities around the US and will start November 8, just in time for the holiday season.

I don’t know about this one Amazon. I get it though; you want to ensure people who live in houses in major cities that their packages are safe. But is it worth $250? If I’m going to order an expensive item from Amazon and I’m not going to be home to receive the package, then it would make sense for me to have this set up. But for all of the smaller, less expensive items that I would normally buy, why get this? That’s a steep set up cost and I’m worried about the person delivering my package.

I do have the camera and the app to let me know who and when they are coming, but I’m not always on my phone. I have no idea what the person could do if I’m not watching the camera, my dog could bite them, or they could forget to lock the door when they leave. Plus this is just another piece of technology that allows Amazon to be incorporated into your smart home realm.

If you ever end up living in a house in one of the 37 cities listed for Amazon Key and don’t feel safe having your packages on your doorstep, then this is the service for you.

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