How I Make My YouTube Thumbnails

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How I Make My YouTube Thumbnails

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Thumbnails are crucial for the success of many YouTube videos. They need to be both captivating and informative so as to entice potential viewers to click on your video. If the thumbnail does not elicit an emotional response, viewers will most likely not care about the video; moreover, thumbnails that misinform an audience can cause viewers to dislike the video and discourages future viewership with that audience.

Today, I will look at the thought process I use when creating my thumbnails. As a reference, let’s look at the thumbnail for my video titled MY NAME IS DELIRIOUS! (NEW Song) – H20 Delirious by Ogma Squad (Official Music Video) (see below):

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Click here to watch the video.

For this video, I chose a simple thumbnail design so as to not overwhelm potential viewers. There are three basic elements to this thumbnail: a graphic image of a video game character commonly used in H20 Delirious’s videos, an informative headline and title, and a background.

I chose this particular graphic because I wanted an interesting visual that was familiar to H20 Delirious’s fan base. I knew that once his audience saw this image, they would recognize it and associate the image with him. I found the graphic by simply googling “H20 Delirious png.” Once I found this graphic, I contacted the artist via and got their permission to use the image.

I chose the words “EPIC SONG!” in order to excite potential viewers and entice them to click on the video. “EPIC” in all-caps makes the song seem fun and high-energy. I also wrote “SONG” because I wanted the audience to know that the content of the video was related to music. Knowing that most of my audience were fans of H20 Delirious and not my music, I used his name to headline the thumbnail.

The final element of this thumbnail is my background, which consists of simple light-blue rays. I used rays in order to further the feeling of energy and excitement. The rays create a sense of movement and help capture my audience’s attention. Anything busier than the rays I worried would distract potential viewers from the other elements of the thumbnail.

In short: I try to use simple graphics and short texts to create an emotional and informative thumbnail. I hope this post has helped you in your digital marketing journeys.

Have any questions? Learn anything from the blog post? Let me know in the comments below!!

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