Tiffany & Co’s ‘Everyday Objects’ are Anything but Casual

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Tiffany & Co’s ‘Everyday Objects’ are Anything but Casual

The famous luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co is either really good at trolling, or actually scoffs at the everyday human’s plebeian use of household objects. Their new collection, called “Everyday Objects”, takes the aesthetic of normal things like paper plates, paper cups, and protractors, and amps it up to 10 by adding sterling silver, American walnut wood, and bone china- with a price tag to match.

When discussing the collection, Tiffany’s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff said: “What makes the collection unique is that it incorporates the best quality, craftsmanship and design with a level of functionality that allows you to use these things every day”. Ok, Reed, sure.

Twitter users were quick to point out the ridiculousness behind the outrageously priced and unnecessarily bougie collection.

The thing is, regardless of how expensive and impractical these objects are, someone out there will still buy it. Releasing the collection with Christmas quickly approaching was smart- and I wouldn’t be upset if I found a $1,500 set of LEGO’s under my tree this year.

You can shop (or more realistically, you can peruse and laugh-cry) the Everyday Objects collection here.

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