A Star for an Estrella

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A Star for an Estrella

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to over 2,000 stars that recognize the talent and brilliance of famous individuals. Last Friday the highly-anticipated 2,622nd star featuring Selena Quintanilla was unveiled a drew in a record-breaking crowd of 4,500 fans. Personally, this makes me so happy. Selena is my idol and the idol of many other Latino-Americans so (finally) having her star on the walk of fame was satisfying. The Tex-Mex singer died 22 years ago; having her star and legacy honored on the Walk of Fame makes her memory live on in the hearts of many.

Something that many fans noticed was the lack of her married last name. Selena married Chris Perez back in 1993 and took his last name to become Selena Quintanilla-Perez. While some fans were ok with the lack of a hyphen, others were outraged since their love story is a 90’s dream. One fan commented, “Disappointed her last name isn’t on there…love that they honored her, but I would like to think that SHE would have wanted Perez on there,”. I do agree that she would have wanted her married last name on there since she loved Chris so much, but I also feel that her fame is through her birth name Selena Quintanilla.

selena fam at star

It was shady that her sister Suzette Quintanilla, who got the honor of helping make the star, or her family did not address this before the unveiling. Having that conversation beforehand, or even having the fans vote on which name to use, would have lessened the public outrage. The Quintanilla family is known to not like Chris, even suing him to stop his television program based on his and Selena’s love story, so having his last named removed from her star is like another stab at their love story. I think that this is a bad vibe in the light of so much positivity and it is sad that this is how it is. I hope that she is happy that she is honored and loved by so many even 22 years after she is gone.

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Felipe Suarez

Felipe Suarez

November 9, 2017at 1:25 pm

I agree, she should have been able to add his last name to the star since they impacted each other’s life. I believe that the fact that they didn’t ask the consumer or fans what they would have preferred is really disappointing. I grew up listening and looking up to Selena and this was an essential aspect of her life. I would have voted that she stayed with her husband’s last name.

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