My Favorite Romantic Marketing Campaigns

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My Favorite Romantic Marketing Campaigns

All my life, I grew up in a household of three women and I was the only man in the house. We would spend hours watching endless romantic movies and novelas in Univision that drew me into the world of romanticism. With those novelas and romantic movies came marketing campaigns that drew me into the marketing world. It drew my emotional appeal and made me want to be part of those campaigns that could make me “feel some type of way.” With that said, I have decided to share my favorite romantic marketing campaigns that drew me into the business and made me understand the importance of being able to bring an emotional appeal and not just selling a product. Below are my two favorite romantic campaigns:


  1. eHarmony: Getting Back to the Basics of Valentines Day (

In this campaign, eHarmony asks little boys and girls what love, romance, and valentines day means for them. The kids are absolutely adorable, stating how they remember their first kiss when they were only in kindergarten, and getting cutties from their first kiss. Not only did the campaign make me chuckle a bit, but it made me realize that eHarmony had expertise in their romance campaigns around the world.


2. Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah and Juan (

Sarah and Juan come together to create a vibrant, lovable marketing campaign that made people jump for joy (including me), it was so cute that Juan was romanticizing Sarah with a few pictures on the Extra Gum packaging, bringing them together at the end. It made me not only want to buy some gum at that exact moment but made me want to try that campaign live.



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Bryn Clouser

Bryn Clouser

November 14, 2017at 8:31 pm

The Extra Gum commercial is my absolute favorite! It was very clever of Extra and I find myself always paying attention now when an Extra commercial is on TV. I am hoping they debut new Christmas related commercials this season.

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