Disney: Innovations in the Entertainment Industry

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Disney: Innovations in the Entertainment Industry

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Today, we live in a digital world. This digital world creates more data than people ever imagined. Companies today are finding ways to use that data in order to be giants in their respective industries. Each week this blog will explore a different company and how they are using big data.


Big data wasn’t something that had been used much in the entertainment industry, but Disney changed that. They created MagicBands, which not only improved customer experience, but also created data that could be used to further improve that experience and generate more sales. Disney-big-data-MagicBands-MyMagic+

MagicBands are linked to MyMagic+ accounts and can be used as hotel room keys, tickets for admission to the park, fast passes, and more. The MagicBands operate using RFID technology. Data collected from the bands and accounts is stored and analyzed. Because of the technology, wait times could be better estimated, and park capacity was able to increase. Another use of the technology is sending targeted ads to previous visitors about another vacation they might enjoy. Disney has the data about the kind of vacation visitors enjoy, so these recommendations have been very successful. In a digital world, Disney pivoted and was able to integrate the technology necessary for today’s customers who expect an integrated and seamless experience.

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Michael Black

Michael Black

January 15, 2018at 7:59 pm

Big data has always been incredibly interesting to me, so I really appreciate this series of posts. I had no idea Disney was implementing these bands and I think they are a really smart move. It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve been to Disney World, partially because the lines are always so ridiculously long. However, if Disney is able to use the data these bands provide to better understand wait times and act accordingly, it may convince people like me to head back to Disney once again.

I look forward to your post next week!

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