Cali N Tito’s: The Next Hard Rock Cafe?

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Cali N Tito’s: The Next Hard Rock Cafe?

You can never go wrong with a chicken cubano from Cali N Tito’s — even though they’re not actually like traditional cubanos. I am an avid fan of Cali N Tito’s and will rave about them to anyone I meet. I love the food, the prices (as I am a college student down on her cash), and the atmosphere. The eclectic scene of Cali N Tito’s always makes for never-ending conversations as customers’ eyes gaze all around them to fully take in the unique experience. When the East side Cali N Tito’s opened, I wasn’t too thrilled because it was located further away from me. However, when I heard this new Cali N Tito’s finally accepted card payments (as well as cash), I was definitely down to go with my friends to get my monthly dose of the perfect sandwich, regardless of the longer trek.

I recently dined at the East side Cali N Tito’s and I found myself making conversation with one of the waiters– probably because he was a real heartthrob. Anyways, he was a recent Terry graduate investing all of his time and effort into grooming Cali N Tito’s for his future plans. “This place is going to be the next Hard Rock Cafe,” he told me. And I completely agree with him! This unique eatery has loads of potential to take over the hearts and bellies of America. Cute Waiter told me that he was responsible for the new POS system at Cali N Tito’s, “Can you believe that they never knew how many sandwiches they sold until now?”

Why is Cali N Tito’s so behind on their tech? Why does it take them twice, maybe thrice, as long to add in a simple piece of technology into their business plan?

Come on Cali N Tito’s. Get with it.

I was curious to see what their Instagram was like. With all the wacky decorations, the raw beauty of the food, and their fame in Athens, I was expecting thousands of followers. Boy, was I so so wrong. 13 followers. And a number that low does not welcome any new followers either – it certainly didn’t attract me to hit that follow button. Thankfully, it seems they have another account with 767 followers. But they can do so much better. Not a lot of their posts seem to relate much to the restaurant and the few pictures they do have of their wonderful food are simply terrible. They are in a dire need of a Social Media Intern.

Give me free cubanos and I will flip that account around like pancakes on a Sunday morning.

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John James

John James

January 17, 2018at 12:55 pm

I checked out the Cali n Titos IG page, and I completely agree with you. They could use some help creating a presence that better represents the greatness of the restaurants. The food is great and the atmosphere is inviting and fun. It sucks when good businesses have a slacking social media presence because they suffer from attracting new customers who may not be from Athens or know the hype behind the restaurant.

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