Combating Cancer in the Digital Age

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Combating Cancer in the Digital Age

Over the course of the semester, I want to explore one question:

How is social media assisting in the search for and promotion of a cure for cancer? 

In the “digital age” we find ourselves in, we have the unique opportunity to broadcast whatever we want on the internet, and the whole world has access to our opinions, suggestions and tidbits of information at the click of a mouse. The media tends to shed a light on the negative repercussions of social media. What about the benefits?

We can utilize our worldwide connection to broadcast the severity of this horrible disease, raise money and search for a cure. My quest is to understand how we, as a community of caring people, are using this for the good of humanity. Each week, I will explore and analyze a social media account dedicated to the fundraising for and promotion of a cure.


Sadie Fitzgerald

Sadie Fitzgerald

January 17, 2018at 2:11 pm

I liked how you are bringing light to a topic that needs more attention!

Kayona Meade

Kayona Meade

January 17, 2018at 2:30 pm

I really like this idea! Social media can get a lot of backlash but it does have multiple benefits. I’m excited to see what you do with this topic of the semester!

William Reilly Farrell

William Farrell

January 17, 2018at 4:18 pm

Good way to expose all of us to something you care about! I know very little about cancer research, and I’m excited to see what the accounts you focus on say about it!

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