Facebook’s Feed Change

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Facebook’s Feed Change

Facebook recently announced some changes to its newsfeed and the items it will display. Specifically: less person to page interactions. This poses a big dilemma to companies that rely on facebook as a main or even minor part of their marketing.

Why would Facebook do this? My opinion?-social media starting and still remains a platform for individuals to express themselves and communicate with other individuals. Pushing pages of companies involuntarily makes the social media experience less genuine. Facebook is not the only social media platform that display these pages to users, Instagram and Snapchat also fall victim to this trend. Facebook, as a means of standing out, wants to prioritize their user experience based on person to person interaction. Thus, hopefully increasing their average user interaction times and making their platform more genuine.

Hutchinson of Social Media Today points out that this trend of minimizing company reach has been a trend throughout the past couple of years. He highlights studies that have been conducted linking Facebook usage to lower self esteem and life satisfaction. It is beyond fair to argue that in time people will stop using the site due to these trends. Facebook must be proactive in the manner in which they are perceived and on way of doing that is to make the interactions on the site more genuine.

By: Shai Bendavid

Thank you to Hutchinson


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