How to Stand Out: Cheeky Peach Edition

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How to Stand Out: Cheeky Peach Edition

The Location

Athens is known for its history. Along with its history, people expect a small-town feel even with as many people as the University of Georgia brings in. In particular, the downtown area is home to many long-lived local boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops. Athens really is the perfect place for many entrepreneurs to begin their journey. These unique stores create the vibe we know and love. The relaxed environment, the eager workers and the unique products give consumers an indescribable ambiance when strolling through the area. If asked to describe Athens in one word, you would hear responses such as “home,” “friendly,” “opportunity,” and “friendship.” This place really has something special about it and many business owners want in on the experience.


The Store

Cheeky Peach is a locally owned boutique located on west Clayton street. They offer affordable as well as higher-end fashion items such as Free People and MinkPink. Cheeky Peach has attracted and retained customers due to their fashion-forward pieces; which college students seem to enjoy.


The Strategy

Social media engagement has also kept Cheeky Peach in the game. The store goes live on Instagram weekly to show off their latest pieces, match outfits, and give customers the chance to ask questions providing real-time answers without the customer ever having to leave their couch. This has proven to be successful as convenience is a huge factor for many customers, especially college-aged customers. They also post funny, relatable pictures/memes/quotes to further their brand image. Cheeky Peach works towards a brand image where customers see them as their friends, not just as another boutique in downtown Athens.


Some relatable posts on their instagram. Source: @cheekypeach

Other aspects like their website being easy to navigate and the superior customer service drives this company to excel in many different levels of marketing and allows the retention on customers.


The Takeaway

Cheeky Peach has been extremely successful in their instagram marketing path. They should continue to work hard on promoting brand image as well as interacting with customers on social media. With pressing expectations of “consumer first,” local boutiques have to begin to learn how to incorporate these into their daily marketing tactics.

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