Not Everything is Insta-Worthy & That’s OK

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Not Everything is Insta-Worthy & That’s OK

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It’s crazy how much social media has taken over our lives.  Everyday we interact with social media somehow.  If we have a spare moment at work or we just have some down time, we take out our phones and start scrolling through our Instagram feeds.  When I go out to eat, what’s the first thing I do when my food comes?  I have to put a picture on my Instagram story because of course all my followers want to see the delicious food I’m eating right?  When I take a trip somewhere, what’s one of my top priorities? Getting those Insta-worthy pictures to show my followers how much fun I’m having at the beach.

Sometimes I step back and think about how silly this all sounds.  Why am I putting so much effort into my “image” on social media?  Do people really care that I am about to enjoy this beautiful biscuit at Mama’s Boy? Does it do anyone any good when I post a photo of me chilling at the beach or hiking in the mountains?

When it comes to social media, you need to have the right mindset.  If you post based on how many likes you think you will get and you want people to see how amazing you are, you’re doing it wrong.  You’re depending on other people to determine your happiness. Winning the approval of others will never give you long term happiness because as soon as someone says something negative about you, it will tear you up inside.

It’s also important to be in the right mindset when you’re looking at your friends’ posts.  Social media is dangerous sometimes.  It can make you feel jealous, less than, and just disappointed about your life.  This happens when you start comparing your life to what you see on social media.  You have to remember that people put the best version of themselves out there on social media, and you do the same.  We only let the public see the glamorous side of our lives and not all the junk we deal with.  What you see on Instagram is the polished, filtered, and edited versions of real people that have flaws just like everyone else.

So what’s my point? I’m not saying social media is all bad and we shouldn’t use it.  I think it’s great for sharing about our lives, but we just have to be careful.  Try living without social media for a week; you’ll be amazed at how many things you want to post and how many times you’ll have the urge to scroll through Instagram.  There’s more to live than what’s on a screen, so be as real and honest as you can when you post on social media because you have no idea how it might impact someone 🙂

Despite how happy I look as I gaze at the waterfall, it was actually 25 degrees and I was freezing and tired from driving for hours. See, not all perfect.


Logan Wade

Logan Wade

January 17, 2018at 12:41 pm

I completely agree with this post! You’re opinions are so accurate and full of truth. I find myself feeling more insecure the more time I spend on my “explore” page. It can be difficult to remember that these people are showcasing their best selves at their most attractive moment. The photo could’ve been more edited than I realize. Social media can be a great way to stay connected, but it can absolutely be destructive to someone’s self image!

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

January 17, 2018at 6:19 pm

I totally agree! People only post the good and happy moments in their lives. I look at my friends’ posts and I just think their lives are so perfect, but they’re really not. I deleted my social media apps and tried to stay away from it, but that only lasted 3 days! That’s sad.

Sarah Lo

Sarah Lo

January 17, 2018at 11:58 pm

I totally agree that people tend to put out only their best version on social media, and I’m glad you pointed that out. Social media is awesome and useful in many ways, but I definitely think that there is a deceiving aspect to it as well. Thanks for pointing this out, because I feel (and hope) that the more we are aware of this, the more real we’ll be on social media, which would create a much better self-image of everyone else around.

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