Revolve’s Winning Strategy

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Revolve’s Winning Strategy

One click and you’re already in too deep. That one dress you came across the other day when you were searching for clothes online just because you were bored and needed a break from your homework now repetitively comes across every website you seem to go on. It pops up when you are watching a lecture video of your teacher on youtube, when you are filling your spare time looking up old friends on Facebook, even to the side of the page when you are checking your email. It’s a digital world now and digital marketing has invaded largely every sector in the society, and fashion is no exception to add onto to this ongoing phenomenon. One website that has considerably invaded my digital life is Revolve Clothing. It seems as though they know exactly what clothes I have kept my eye on and which ones I keep admiring time and time again.

Fashion trends change and they change even faster than the advancements in the digital technologies. It is not the speed of these changes, but rather the complexity with which the fashion industry has incorporated digital media today. There seems to be more excitement in the fashion industry and this is largely due to the rapid changes in the online marketing and advertising world.

Social Media presence from stores like Revolve seem to be becoming the critical game changer. They focus on personalization and track the usage of every customer to keep track of those guilty pleasure items that grab our attention and keep us rechecking the item over and over again, convincing ourselves not to purchase it. Customers become more attracted to a store if they are constantly reminded of it, which is why a prominent social media presence is important.

One aspect that sets Revolve apart from the next collective clothing website is their “Hot List” that helps their visitors find and shop the post recent and popular styles at that time that they market in their advertisements . It usually is my go to page when I am in need of an outfit for a certain occasion but have no idea where to start or what to look for. It is for people that aren’t necessarily on the hunt for a particular item. It is a genius page that draws almost every shopper in.

Their popularized clothing app has also increased their sales almost 350%, providing relevant, personalized experiences to drive more purchases. With their customization and smart use of online adds that track their users search history, Revolve clothing is undoubtedly becoming a top contender in the fashion world in terms of digital marketing.

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Caroline Carder

Caroline Carder

January 17, 2018at 3:06 pm

Revolve is one of my favorite clothing websites so I loved this blog post! You’re right, even when I do not make that initial purchase, the company knows if they constantly promote that dress repeatedly over my social media platforms, I will eventually click the link and make a final purchase, or go back to their website to search for more. It is genius digital marketing. Great post!

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