Social Media Resolutions

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Social Media Resolutions

The new year always brings new resolutions. Exercise more, eat better, find happiness, learn a new skill or hobby. The list goes on. Regardless of the resolution though, it typically entails trying something new or giving up something that, in all honesty, you know you don’t need. In recent years, cutting out social media has become increasingly more common on this list of resolutions. And understandably so. In today’s society, we’re often times so caught up in the world of social media that we can become oblivious to what’s playing out behind the screen. And there’s no denying it. We’re all guilty. Scrolling through Instagram at a red light. Checking Facebook during a class lecture. We’ve all fallen victim to becoming temporarily cut off from reality at some point.

Clearly, this isn’t something people are ignorant to. The fact that many are so willingly make an effort to cut themselves off from social media says a lot about the power it has over us. It’s the belief that you’ll feel free or liberated if you’re able to give up something that so heavily affects your everyday life. The fact that people see social media as something they should give up speaks volumes about it. People don’t want to worry about social approval and appearance in the eyes of others. Some argue that social media nurtures and enforces short attention spans, a need for instant gratification, and a sense of validation. So in actuality, is social media really as bad as it’s made out to be?

Absolutely not. Plenty of good has come from an increasingly connected world. Arguably more good than bad. Primarily, social media allows us to come together to share ideas, opinions, and information without actually being together. It allows marketers and brands to reach us in the most effective way possible. And it is the quickest, most efficient way to stay informed. Social media enables us to make strong connections with people who we may never have connected with otherwise.

So, before we follow through with those ‘anti-social media resolutions’ let’s consider social media for what it truly is. Just like any other feat of humanity, we must understand how powerful social media truly is and the potential it has to influence our lives. So let’s, instead, make a resolution to be smart about social media. Use wisely and use in moderation.


Josiah Holt

Josiah Holt

January 17, 2018at 10:17 pm

Interesting concept and I completely agree!

Haley Iacuele

Haley Iacuele

January 17, 2018at 10:37 pm

I think it depends on the person! Especially for women I think social media can become a weapon of comparison and self-destruction. I’ve also read some scientific articles theorizing that humans aren’t meant to or even capable of seeing every bad thing that happens in the world. If you think about it, it’s only fairly recently that we’ve been exposed to every tragedy as it’s happening. I see your point too, though! Maybe it’s about being introspective and being conscious of how you are using social media.

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