The Best Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Company’s Blog

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The Best Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Company’s Blog

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Blogs are a great way to introduce consumers to your brand, but how can you ensure that people will read your blogs? Here are a few tips that are helpful in driving more traffic to your blog:


Know Your Target Audience

In order to attract new visitors to your blog, you must first determine who you are trying to reach. Finding your target audience involves interpreting which visitors are most likely to become quality leads after viewing your blog. The best way to find potential leads is to create buyer personas, or descriptions of your ideal customers based on actual data, demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The information you use to create your buyer personas can be determined by looking at current loyal customers. You can then use the information from your buyer personas to create content relevant to the new visitors you wish to attract.


Use Keywords

If you want your target market to find the relevant content you create, it is essential to use keywords within your posts. Keywords allow people to come across your blog posts when searching the web for the same topics. Include keywords in your titles, opening paragraphs, URLs, and image alt texts. When determining which keywords to use, think about what your buyer personas would physically type into the search bar when trying to find answers to their problems. Use those same keywords words in your blog posts, but make sure the keywords match the overall purpose of your blog post. Additionally, voice search is changing the way people search the web and long tail keywords have become increasingly important. Long tail keywords emulate the specific phrases people use when searching the web for certain topics.


Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media

People regularly use social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as a source of news. Sharing your content on social media will increase the likelihood of your posts being found because consumers actively seek entertaining and educational content from these sites. Put social sharing buttons on your blog pages to give visitors the option to share your content as well if they find it to be relevant, interesting, or informative.


Feature a Call-to-Action

How do you increase the number of visitors who return to your blog on a regular basis? The easiest way to have loyal followers is to convert your visitors into leads. Visitors become leads when they click on a Call-to-Action, and fill out a form in order to receive an offer. For example, you can include a button on your blog page that gives visitors the option to download an eBook further expanding on the topic of your blog post. If visitors click on the Call-to-Action, they will be redirected to a form where they can fill out their basic information in order to receive the eBook. By filling out the form with their information, you will gain more insight into the types of visitors that your blog attracts.


Blog Consistently

The more blog posts you write, the greater chance you have in covering a topic that someone is researching. You want to increase the likelihood that someone will come across your blog when researching their problems. In order for your blog to be a relevant source of information for your visitors, you must also stay on top of trends but make sure the blog posts are relevant to the products and services you sell!

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