The Unique Growth Strategy of McDonalds in China

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The Unique Growth Strategy of McDonalds in China

Recently, McDonalds has taken a new approach to the way it approaches its business in China. McDonalds in China has decided to stray away from the simple (yet effective) business model they have in the United States of a cheap fast food restaurant with little else to offer. Instead, they seem to be going for a strategy of focusing on delivery and a place for family unions through digital marketing and electronic payments. With this business model being so successful in China, McDonalds has even considered bringing some of their new strategies over to the United States.


One of the main reasons that the McDonalds in China has been so successful is because of their digital marketing campaigns. One example of a successful digital marketing campaign for the company has been its use of digital coupons. Customers are able to scan a simple QR code on their phones to redeem discounted food items. These coupons can easily be found through an app called WeChat (a very popular messaging application in China).

Another great example of McDonalds China using digital marketing to its advantage was during the Chinese New Year when they introduced a few new intriguing products including The Emperor’s Best Shrimp Burger, The Empress’ Pineapple Burger, and the Smiling Concubine’s Lychee Bubble Tea. McDonalds decided to center a digital marketing campaign around the pop culture phenomenon “The Empress of China” through cartoon ads displayed on several different channels. They had lots of success through this campaign as well, showing how effective their digital marketing campaigns have been through time.


Through the use of these and many other digital marketing campaigns, McDonalds China in the past year has been able to expand and open another 200+ stores, increase delivery sales by 81%, etc. McDonalds would likely greatly benefit by bringing similar digital marketing campaigns to the United States.

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