A Brew For Your Thoughts: Weekends Are Overrated… and so is Traditional Marketing

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A Brew For Your Thoughts: Weekends Are Overrated… and so is Traditional Marketing

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From their great tasting and cleverly named craft beer to their unique social media and marketing tactics, Monday Night Brewing Company really has me hooked. With the rising trend of craft beer, many companies struggle to stand out; Monday Night doesn’t seem to have that problem. As one of the most popular and well known brewing companies in Georgia, this company has not become a leader in its industry solely because of their great tasting beer, but rather through their unique approach to marketing. Monday Night is not simply selling a product to the consumer, they are creating experiences.

The most recent (and my personal favorite) example of this is in their latest social media blast, where consumers are asked for their input on the possibility of the company selling ties that match their beer cans.

Here are the things I love about this marketing approach:

  1. Holy cow ties that match the beer!!!
  2. Super cool and creative way to get consumers engaged. This makes people feel like they’re a part of the company’s decision and that their voices and opinions are important, wanted, and heard.
  3. This is a great way to hear what people think about a possible new product and get a better idea of whether consumers will actually buy it.
  4. What a brilliant way to get people excited about a new product! (I know i’m excited and I can’t wait for these ties to be on sale)
  5. These ties are a true reflection of everything that Monday Night Brewing Company is about. Their website explains that weekends are overrated because “It’s not about living for the weekend, but about enjoying every day as much as you can”. I think it’s really cool that the company was able to create a product that not only advertises the brewery, but allows those who purchase and wear these ties to live out this motto through brightly colored, funky ties.

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Dominique Kennerly

Dominique Kennerly

January 23, 2018at 7:24 pm

Craft beers have some of the most fun social media presences and Monday Night Brewing Company seems to be no exception. Craft beers are personas and everything they do is about creating an experience from a cool location like MNBC’s garage and Terrapin’s backyard setting to their social media presence. Besides their own social media channels, their packaging is definitely #instagramworthy and a matching tie only makes it better! I think this post ties in so clearly to their fun motto of enjoying every day as much as you can

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