A Dimond in the Rough- Global Tourism

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A Dimond in the Rough- Global Tourism

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A nation today no longer needs to show economic strength through evidence of natural resources; instead, we see more strength in the service industry. The tourism industry in particular is taking the world by storm with a whopping 10.2% of global GDP. That means 7.6 trillion dollars, and 1 in 10 jobs in the global economy! And who do we have to thank? None other than the digital realm. The growing interconnectedness of the world has left nothing to be pondered– GoogleMaps has left nothing undiscovered, and “Instatravellers” have left no place or experience un-reviewed. Hidden paradises are popping up all over your Facebook feed and I don’t know about you, but I want to visit them ALL. Social media is revolutionizing the travel industry at an exponential rate. Vacation spots that used to be hidden treasures no longer exist. As a German, I’ve been in on the well-kept European secret of Croatia and Bosnia’s unparalleled beauty since birth. However, as the years have passed, I’ve starting seeing more and more visors and fanny packs at the rocky shores and castle walls of Dubrovnik. Every tiny town in the south of France, every family-owned vineyard in Italy, every glass igloo in Scandinavia—they’re all on the travel itinerary of each first world millennial. Over the coming months this blog will be devoted to exploring how countries that heavily rely on tourism for GDP have benefited from the rise of the digital era. Stay put, and get ready to see how countries have stopped worrying about lack of coal mines and instead begun pressurizing the tourism industry for a diamond that shines so much brighter.

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