Calling All Creators

Adidas has started a new campaign titled “Calling all Creators”. Such a simple yet wide topic. The idea is anyone is a “creator”, from athletes that create moments in the field, to artists that create music. It’s an inspiring topic and stays true to Adidas’ “original” branding. They’ve always focused on the idea that they are an original brand and that, with their brand you can be too. “Creating the new” was coined and has evolved to “Calling all creators”, creating a campaign that involves people, not just the brand. In the campaign, Adidas uses iconic figures like David Beckham and Pharrell Williams to further the idea that everyone is a creator in their own form. Here are some of my thoughts on the campaign:

-Inspiring to artists and athletes alike

-ties in the athletic side and the street-style side of Adidas

Social Media and Website Differences

As I was looking at their Instagram, it seemed like different clusters of different ideas rather than everything being being clear (see picture). It kinda feels all over the place. The campaign “Calling All Creators” wasn’t on the website which separates the website experience from the social media and doesn’t create the complete immersive experience for customers. They also have 3 different brands featured on the website: “The Originals”, “Athletics”, and “Stella McCartney” a female focused brand. The three brands have very different aesthetics, which is fine, but there’s nothing linking them together within the Adidas family other than the logo. Each brand brings something different to the table, but in my opinion, there needs to be something that ties them back in to,again, create a clear and concise message of the brand.

What is the message?

My answer for these questions are yes, but I need something to bring them together so I can have a clear and precise image of Adidas.

The Main Take-aways:

-Keep that “cool & unique” factor and be intentional about including that vibe in all of Adidas brands.

-Incorporate the “Calling All Creators”campaign into everything to create a submerged experience for customers.

-Continue to inspire “creators” from all walks of life.