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Social media allows anyone anywhere to interact with one another with a touch of a few buttons. When describing social media to a family member who most likely “isn’t with the times”, most students would say its about people connecting with people. Like we all know, many companies use social media to remind us of of their products or to show off their new ones. Barstool Sports used social media to create an empire. This company used the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to lift the Barstool name to a spot where if you walked around any college campus around the US you will find someone who knows the name. Most famously for the slogan “Saturday’s are for the Boys”, Barstool Sports is much more than just a catchy college saying and a lot of its content has nothing to do with sports.

Yes, Barstool Sports got started probably by some college frat stars who just wanted to write about sports and girls, but they have become a leader in a type of “college” style journalism that has taken over. Barstool Sports writers write about anything from pizza review to “Is it True that Defense Wins Championships” to ” A Scene Straight Out of War of the Worlds Happened Last Night in Michigan….. Aliens are Mobilizing”. Barstool created a multi functioning machine that really hits the hearts of many “frat stars” out there. For anyone not “in the know”, if you really want to know what a frat star looks like or even acts like go to an Athens bar downtown at midnight and look for the guy with the snapback hat, new balance shoes, shorts above the knee, and a sports jersey on and you will get a pretty good idea of “the guy”. Besides that, Barstool Sports created a fun for most college news story outlet that wants many people wanting to come back for more. They write stories that are not always important but they are interesting enough to get millions of views because they are mostly “look at this” stories. Along with writing these stories, they created tons of social media accounts to constantly be on our stories or Facebook/ Instagram scrolls. For example, Barstool Sports hired someone from UGA to run their BarstoolUGA twitter account. This account tweets out support for our beloved Dawgs, pictures of crazy things that happen around campus, and at opposing fan bases barstool account. Many schools around the country also have these accounts for their respective schools which do the same thing. This marketing tool has been huge in constantly having their brand in front of students.

Just like every news source in the world, Barstool Sports is not for everyone. The content they post is sometimes cruel and some can be seen as degrading. It is not a perfect company, but it is amazing how they took social media and built a company that many college students know.


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Kyle Shaw

Kyle Shaw

January 18, 2018at 1:12 pm

I agree with you, Barstool does have it’s issues but it is amazing what they’ve accomplished through social media and a little word of mouth.

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