Blog post #1: Independent Baking Co.

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Blog post #1: Independent Baking Co.

This past Wednesday, my friends and I decided to take advantage of the snow day and walked to 5 Points to Independent Baking Co. Its a very small shop with distinctive bright blue trim on the windows and doors. While in the bakery, I saw very little marketing; maybe their Instagram handle on their bulletin board, but nothing big at all. They are a small, family-owned business so its not like their marketing is going to be huge or anything. They seemed to be less into advertising and marketing, I think due to the fact that they are such a small business.

After visiting the bakery with my friends this past Wednesday (and failing to get the croissants we wanted… it was 6 pm and they had basically run out of everything,) I decided to look them up on Instagram. And my suspicions were correct. Independent Baking Co. has very, very little digital marketing. Their Instagram has 22 posts, all of pictures of bread (not even the cool bread like croissants or Danishes or cookies.) It really, to be honest, was not very visually appealing or appetizing. Not to mention their Instagram is fairly inactive, with the last post being June 24, 2016–a year and a half ago.

I compared Independent Baking Co.’s Instagram to Pauley’s Original Crepe bar, another Athens original restaurant. I chose Pauley’s specifically because I believe that Independent Baking Co. has the potential to be as successful and big as Pauley’s. The main differences I found between their digital media is that Pauley’s interacts with their customers. They post with customers coming in, or their captions are very relatable to the UGA community. Pauley’s acknowledges what is going on in Athens at the time, for example, a few weeks ago they posted several pictures encouraging people to come out to Pauley’s to watch the national championship.

If Independent Baking Co. was able to emphasize their small-business style how Pauley does–by talking about local Athens events and really catering to their audience of Athens locals and UGA students with their digital marketing, I believe their business would increase dramatically. People know Pauley’s as a great, locally-owned place to eat, because Pauley’s tells them that it is. Independent Bakery Co. needs to interact with their customers more and tell them that it is a great place to eat, whether it be to pick up some food for the big game or to swing by for breakfast before class, I think if Independent Bakery Co. were to just put the ideas in the heads of their customers, it would make a huge difference.

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Alyson Carroll

Alyson Carroll

January 18, 2018at 1:38 pm

I totally agree that customer interaction is super important. Especially with small family owned places because there is a much more personalized feel to it and makes me want to go there more so yes! You emphasized a very relevant point!

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