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Classic City: Classic Posts

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Athens, Georgia, or the Classic City, is known for its many eateries, boutiques, and small businesses. With a fluxing population of university students, Athens businesses rely on word of mouth and strong branding as well as support from the locals to keep people flowing through the front doors.

Many companies in Athens rely on social media to market their brands and specific goods, especially to the young, social media users that make up a large part of the population. Generally people weight the opinions and suggestions of friends over marketing messages. With this in mind, it’s important to capitalize on this form of recommendation marketing and create an environment that consumers desire to visit. Even better, an environment consumers want to capture and post on social media.

Businesses in Athens are smart enough to know the influence social media can have on expanding their customer base, and they use their brand logo and style to their advantage. Here is a list of businesses in Athens that have a strong presence on social media* because of the popularity of the backgrounds they supply for social media posts. I’ve divided the businesses into two sections, brand images and brand representations.

Brand Images

These companies provide their logos as backgrounds for pictures. Beyond possibly being tagged as the location of a social media post, their company’s logo and name are completely visible in the background.

Mama’s Boy

Thousand Faces Coffee

Zombie Donuts

LRG (Last Resort Grill) Provisions

Five Points Bottle Shop

Georgia Theatre

Brand Representations

These companies do not have easily available logos to take pictures with, but their distinct styles make them easy to pick out amidst competing businesses. They provide either indoor or outdoor environments as backdrops for social media pictures.

Taqueria del Sol

Rook & Pawn

Wuxtry Records

East Side Cali n Tito’s

Georgia Museum of Art

*note that in this case, social media refers to primarily picture social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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Savannah Sheats

Savannah Sheats

January 18, 2018at 12:56 pm

Love to be reminded of what a fabulous city we live in and all that it has to offer — thank you for sharing!

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