Movie Marketing – I, Tonya

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Movie Marketing – I, Tonya

As social media has become part of most of our daily lives’, industries have recognized it as a platform with which they can not only deliver a one way message, but they can also easily engage with the consumer. The film industry is no different. I, Tonya is a movie about the 1994 skating scandal involving figure skater Tonya Harding and the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. The movie portrays Tonya in early life, giving context for her relationship with her mother and the effects of how she grew up, and a fresh and honest take on the events involving Harding and Kerrigan. Margot Robbie plays Tonya Harding in this brutally honest and wild portrayal of the events.

This movie has presented a strong social media presence, with the beginnings of the Instagram campaign launching on October 19, 2017, almost three months before the official release of the movie. The social media campaign for this movie is so amazing to me because it has succeeded in representing the overall feel of the movie, without giving away the entire plot. If you take a look at the I, Tonya Instagram page, you will find posts that maintain the aesthetic of the film, harsh language with a comical flair that is present throughout the film, and short clips from the movie which give potential viewers a chance to decide whether or not this is the kind of movie they would like to see.

The I, Tonya social media platforms have also been engaging with viewers, the most dedicated viewers to be specific (as pictured below), while promising merchandise to others with such dedication. Personally, when I see other people at the theater dressed up for the movies they are going to see, I think “Well that movie must be really great if they’re willing to come here dressed like that.” When I see a social media campaign, I’m not always entirely persuaded to see a movie, but if one of my peers is willing to wear a sparkly leotard to the theater, I am more likely to believe that movie with be worth my while.


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Courtney Howley

Courtney Howley

January 18, 2018at 2:50 pm

Great post! I love how the move industry is taking advantage of social media by sharing about their dedicated fans. I think that starts an entire new conversation in itself. Your post encouraged me to look up their instagram page and I was drawn into their content for a while. Great job!

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