“Just let the machines do it”

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“Just let the machines do it”

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic across the board since the emergence of a prominent internet era. Movies like the Matrix or Ex Machina will make you double check your AI-enabled devices before going to bed. It seems as if the endless possibilities presented to us through this technology also fosters fear. A lot of people just do not trust them, and trust for a society as a whole will be needed for this technology to be widely accepted. Trust takes time, simple as that. People can reach points of trust where they would give their life for one another. This same trust can be shattered in seconds by the smallest mistakes. And with more “bad” news articles on AI systems such as Facebook’s computers efficiently communicating outside of our own language, this trust is hard to achieve.

This is where good marketing comes into place. People generally move in herds of comfort, we usually accept something if our society as a whole accepts it. So shaping our perception of AI is crucial to gain the trust of the big herd. Succesful campaigns such as the one for Google Home and Amazon Echo have pioneered the way for entrusted household AI systems. A lot of people enjoy their cylinder assistant around the house and usually don’t think twice about it because their neighbor has the exact same setup. Yet, these are the same machines vilified in shows like Black Mirror (A work of art!!) or the classic Twilight Zone. Good marketing can shape our ideas of the unknown and create a path for innovation. There are a lot of positive sides to AI for our society that we should look into, rather than looking at us humans vs. machines, we should see it as us humans with the aid of machines! These machines under our supervision and control can benefit us to the extent of our imagination. Think about it, our generation may be the last one to ever drive a car that has a steering wheel in it along with a combustion style engine. We’re on the brink of just rolling into autonomous transportation, never having to worry about the next DD!

It is fair to say that fear is something we should take into consideration. Because don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of questions too! Even Mark Zuckerberg underestimated the power of AI, which is scary to think that even these tech giants have no idea what they are doing! Elon Musk is right to say that we should not underestimate the power of super artificial intelligence. We should continue to ask questions like “Does AI feel a sense of purpose?”, “Would the creation of artificial life have emotion?”, “Do they distinguish good from bad?”.  But until these things go rogue on us, we should strive to tread carefully into this exciting new era of technology.


Cody Bonsma

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Tania Toledo Zavala

Tania Toledo Zavala

January 18, 2018at 12:42 pm

This was a great read! I agree that building trust is an obstacle for many of these tech companies. There are so many conflicting arguments about ethics and politics that have held back the public from accepting AI technology. I am interested to see what the future of our society will look like with more AI technology.

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