Lexus’s Interactive Hologram Booths

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Lexus’s Interactive Hologram Booths

We’ve all seen the commercials. An unrealistically attractive person racing through the scenic mountains of somewhere or other to show how cool that new car model is. But this year Lexus took a different advertising approach. With help from their advertising agency, Team One, Lexus decided to put interactive hologram booths in stadiums across America.

The booths allow the user to project a hologram version of themselves onto a screen next to the new Lexus sedan they have rolling out. The user can then customize the car to their exact specifications, changing it’s color, roof, wheels, and many other features. But what makes this interactive hologram booth so innovative is that it has a facial recognition system in place. So, while you’re busy messing around with the car, the booth is taking in all sorts of information like your age and gender.

With the user’s permission all this data is sent to nearby dealerships, that would then contact these consumers. Lexus’s goal of the whole project was to drive dealership traffic, and boy did they ever. The booths have doubled qualified leads for the dealerships. Beyond that, this original booth has created user-generated promotion. From Snapchats to Instagrams consumers have promoted the new Lexus sedan, creating a valuable source of positive word of mouth.

Between the data collection and vast amounts of social media posts it seems this unusual gamble on hologram booths paid off. Yet another example of how important big data is, and the irreplaceable benefit of social media.


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