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Local Cuisine

There is just something about finding a new local restaurant. There is just some kind of satisfaction about finding that “hole in the wall that only the locals know about.” This is my New Years resolution. While other people are dieting and going to the gym, I plan on filling my new year with really great food.

So then why did I just run through the Chick-fil-A drive thru for lunch today? Is it because I am up there with the people cheating on their diets already or is there something more to it? Do corporate restaurants really have something that local restaurants don’t? Well, yes they do. They have millions of dollars to invest in marketing that local restaurants just don’t have. They can pay for the billboards and TV commercials. Chick-fil-A even has its own bowl game. So when I think “I’m hungry” it’s only natural that one of these restaurants are the first to come to mind. This article will focus on 3 key factors for local restaurants to up their digital marketing.

1. In this day and age it still surprises me that small local businesses do not always have a functional website. A website does not have to cost a million bucks to look a million bucks. The main thing is that it is easy to find and well organized. I have chosen a very successful restaurant here in Athens, and if you are from the area you’ll know they have the best hang over food. When I googled Mama’s Boy it was the first suggestion that popped up. Optimizing and understanding search engines and paying for the ad space does wonders. After clicking on link, I was brought to the mamas boy website which it artistically organized.

2. If there is one thing nice about living in a college town is that you can almost get anything delivered to your doorstep at anytime of day/night. UberEats (or for my local Athens people, Bulldawg Food) has made it possible for restaurants to deliver food by simply adding a tablet to their store. Customers order their food through an app on their and drivers supplied by UberEats pick up the food and take it to the customer, who doesn’t have to do anything but pause whatever they are watching on Netflix and answer their door. In a day and age where Americans are so concerned about convenience, adding this service for an extremely low cost could boost sales tremendously.

3. Many Americans say they would like to shop more at local businesses because they believe that local business owners are more trustworthy than large corporations. One key advantage of local business owners is that they can really get to know their customers on a personally level. Everyone loves the idea of going to that restaurant that “that nice guy, Steve” owns. Make sure you allow your customers to get to know you. Engage in conversation online and in person with your customers. By allowing them getting to know you, you get to know them, which will allow you to provide the exact kind of service that they are looking for.




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Melanie Rabon

Melanie Rabon

I am currently working towards a degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia. My goal upon graduating is to find a career path that marries both my marketing and merchandising degrees. This blog will focus mainly on digital marketing but I intend on sneaking a few merchandising topics in here. I have a love for local businesses, so I want this blog to be a place where I can share how local business can compete with large corporate companies through digital marketing.

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Grant Alexander

Grant Alexander

January 18, 2018at 2:59 pm

In my opinion I don’t think that having chick-fil-a would be considered diet cheating because its to good! Also, you gave great insight on the local restaurants websites. One thing I do have to say about UberEats is that they didn’t run this service during the snow days this past week. It was unfortunate for me because I was craving food but didn’t want to leave my apartment.

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