Social Media for an American Boy Band

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Social Media for an American Boy Band

At this point, you may have already heard of Brockhampton, a new musical group from San Marcos, TX. The group formed in 2015 after connecting online over a Kanye West fan forum. They soon began making music together and have now grown into a collective of 14 people, ranging from rap artists to producers and art directors. Since their fateful encounter online, they have now produced 3 full-length studio albums in 2017 and are currently on their first official tour across the United States. Also, they have most recently been featured on their own tv show called American Boyband, which premiered on Viceland in 2017. Since their formation, Brockhampton has developed a strong online presence and have found a dedicated fan base.

The members of brockhampton call themselves “the internet’s first boy band”, and have utilized their online resources to rise to their current level of success. But how did they do it? This group went from an online forum discussion to a national tour and critical acclaim in just 2 years. I sought to explore their social media presence and find out how Brockhampton engages with their fans.

I began by looking at Brockhampton’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their Facebook page was surprisingly empty, their last post was from 2016, promoting their first mixtape release. The page had 51,000 likes which was surprising because their most recent youtube upload, a music video for their song, “STAR” had garnered 1.2 million views in just one month.

It was obvious that the group’s social media team had chosen to not use Facebook as a primary form of communication with their fans, so I moved on to their twitter account to observe their activity. Their twitter account, @brckhmptn has 164k followers, with only 22 tweets. Their tweets consist of music video links, concert announcements, and merch promotion.


Brockhampton Twitter

Once again, much like their official Facebook page, their twitter account truly did not have that much activity. It wasn’t until I found the members’ individual twitter pages that I began to understand how Brockhampton has grown to where they are today. The leader of the group, Kevin Abstract, has 9,000 tweets and 213,000 followers. He also frequently replies to tweets, engages with fans, and even playfully argues with some of the more negative tweets that twitter users send his way. Many of the other members of Brockhampton, such as Matt Champion, have similar profiles, they frequently tweet, and receive many replies.

Rather than using their main account, @brckhmptn to engage with fans, the members have utilized their own social media presence to form more personal relationships with their listeners. After reviewing the profiles of some of the prominent rappers of the group, it wasn’t hard to see that they have an incredibly dedicated fanbase on twitter. By tweeting and replying from their own personal accounts, their fans are able to have a direct way to communicate with the members of Brockhampton. It creates a much more personal interaction and highlights how Brockhampton have built such powerful relationships with their dedicated fans.

I look forward to the future of Brockhampton and their social media presence. Perhaps in the future, they will return to their Facebook page and utilize both Twitter and Facebook equally to engage with more online users. With only 22 tweets from their Twitter account, there is definitely more room for growth as well. Brockhampton has developed at an incredibly fast rate over the last 2 years and I believe this is just the beginning for the internet’s first boy band.

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Madison Henson

Madison Henson

January 18, 2018at 1:36 pm


I heard of Brockhampton recently and their music is pretty good. Your post is interesting because my blog post spoke about how influential Facebook can be to promote a business, and you provided evidence for the complete opposite. However, I can understand why Brockhampton is completely ignoring Facebook. Their fan base includes younger millennials who would never use Facebook as their source of finding and promoting music. It seems as though Brockhampton is taking a wildly new approach to music through their social media, which is obviously working. Rather than being off limits and distant and having their own PR rep for social media. They are very hands on with their fans, which only creates a more loyal fan base. I see social media trends like this with other rappers as well on Twitter, however it seems when they grow more mainstream they stop this approach. It’ll be interesting to see the evolution, if any, of Brockhampton’s music and social media over the next year or two.

Eric Herber

Eric Herber

January 18, 2018at 1:47 pm

It is a very interesting time for rap and hip hop music in America, some of the biggest Artists in the genre over the past year such as XXXTentacion and Kodak Black getting a lot of praise for their honest and brutal lyrics while also getting in trouble for abusing women. With the current social and political climate it seems that mainstream rap music is lagging behind the conversation. However, that is except for BROCKHAMPTON. BROCKHAMPTON is headed by a gay teenager (Kevin Abstract) and talks about things that I couldn’t imagine any other rapper talking about at the moment (such as the social construct of masculinity in their song QUEER and what does it mean to be gay in JUNKY). This is also what separates them from the competition, it is their non-normative view and their ability to put those views into good music.

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