Social Media M{ad}ness

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Social Media M{ad}ness

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If you are like me you must watch Facebook videos. More recently, companies have been including ads mid video, which is very annoying. It is very similar to how YouTube will require you to watch a short ad or a certain amount of an ad before allowing you to skip the ad and watch the video you clicked on.


It is not very hard to put up an ad on Facebook or other social media sites. After doing some research and browsing the web I found how companies are able to produce ads so easily and efficiently. First, you start by choosing your objective meaning, what do you want your end goal to be. Next, you select your audience or target market. Following you can choose where you want your ad to be viewed on. So, you can choose which platforms you want to be viewed on including Instagram, other web based apps, and websites. As you know everything comes with a cost, including paying for how long you want the ad to run, the time of day you want the ad to be viewed and your budget. Once you know how much you are willing to spend on the ad, you need to decide the format you want your ad to be viewed as and Facebook offers a variety of formats including photo, carousel, video, slideshow, and canvas. After all these steps, you could have a well put together ad to reach your market.


As your scrolling through any of your social media feeds you come across many different ads and flip past them without a second thought. Well in this market it is important to get as many eyes on your ad as possible to be most effective. Even though you may not consciously read, comprehend and investigate into ads extra they still got some sort of point across to the viewer.

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Amelia Warrington

Amelia Warrington

January 18, 2018at 2:50 pm

Just started noticing the ads mid-video as well. Literally nothing is more infuriating to me haha. Interesting to gain some insight on those motives and marketing tactics. Great post!

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