The Pair of Shoes That Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone

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The Pair of Shoes That Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone

So the other day I went to the mall and stumbled upon these Steve Madden high top sneakers that I was in love with. They were pretty expensive, so after lots of thought, I decided to hold off on buying them. That same night, I was on Facebook and an ad for that exact shoe popped up on the side of my screen. I had not searched for these shoes online, so I was in complete shock when the ad came up. How did they find me? And how did they know I wanted those shoes?

After the initial factor of being creeped out by the ad wore off, I caved and clicked on the ad. Again, I put myself through an internal battle of should I get them, or should I wait. I even had them in my cart, with my exact size, and free shipping, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. The next day I received an email from Steve Madden reminding me that I had an item in my shopping cart waiting for me. It felt like no matter how hard I resisted, I couldn’t escape these shoes.

But it didn’t stop there, the next day I was scrolling through Instagram and a suggested ad for the shoes came up on my phone. Yes, I said my phone! Somehow, now my phone knew I wanted these shoes. How does everyone know I want these shoes? Again, I was creeped out, but eventually clicked on the ad, just to check up on my babies again.

And finally, they exposed my weakness. It had now been 3 days since my trip to the mall, and I got an email, again from Steve Madden saying that these shoes were almost sold out. I began to panic. I quickly clicked on the email and bought the shoes. Whew. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

It amazes me how marketers are able to target people nowadays. This story is just one example of how some tricky and clever marketing led me to buying a pair of shoes, but I would be willing to bet everyone has a similar story they could share about an an experience they’ve had.


Ashlyn Hutchinson

Ashlyn Hutchinson

January 18, 2018at 2:45 pm

This has happened to me countless times. Having to say no to a pair of shoes one time compared to ten times is a big difference. It is easy to start to feel like these shoes were made for you and you need them when you see them ten times a day.

Rachel Mannion

Rachel Mannion

January 18, 2018at 3:55 pm

Love this blog post Casey! I can honestly say that I’ve thought this way and made purchases like this way too many times. It seems like advertising is taking over everything by giving you exactly what you want even though you may not need it. I liked the way you showed your personality in this piece and related it to most consumers mind today. I definitely think everyone has a story or three exactly like this. Great job!

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