When Communication Breaks Down

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When Communication Breaks Down

On the morning of January 11th Emily Williams, a professional hunter/jumper rider reported through Facebook that one of her top USHJA International Hunter Derby mount Tybee was missing from her farm in Lexington, Kentucky. The horse was taken from a gated property during the night along with a truck of equipment, but the equipment was not for that particular horse. This led to many man hours from local police and state officials looking for this expensive show horse. Also, the online community was sharing the original post, commenting on news stories, and spreading the word in the equestrian community to keep a lookout for this horse.

On January 12th an attorney for the owner, Helen Brown, contacted news agencies to report that the horse was in fact not stolen but was removed from the property by his owner and Tybee is in a safe location and properly looked after. After this news came to light other facts surrounding this odd case came to light. The horse was going to be sold by Williams via an agister’s lien sale because the owner had not paid the bills accompanying the horse to the tune of $57,317.

This is entire episode is a prime example of noncommunication between two parties and then posting on social media about a problem without trying have all of the facts beforehand. If Williams had contacted the owner before she contacted the police and Facebook this entire episode would have remained in-house and out of the public scrutiny. Now since it is out in the open people will want to know every last detail of this case. Emily Williams’ now has a security issue on her hands because she has shown to the world that her farm is not as secure as she wants people to believe if someone can come into the property at night and steal a 6-figure horse out of its stall.

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