I Like Wine And So Do Digital Marketers

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I Like Wine And So Do Digital Marketers

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Late last year Curtis Park Market found a way to disrupt a consumer’s daily life in a way that makes you feel wine drunk before even tasting their product – by getting your wine to talk to you.

This discovery started during my daily morning routine of checking the weather, brushing my teeth, and skimming my Facebook. During that morning tradition, I ran into a Facebook article shared by a friend about talking wine and my curiosity led me to do further research on the Australian wine company that caught my interest.

Curtis Park Market utilized augmented reality to create a Daily Prophet from Harry Potter – esque illusion on their 19 Crimes wine labels. The customer simply downloads the Living Wine Labels app (available in the App and Google Play Stores), opens the app, and then points their phone the bottle to hear the story of the convicted who’s face graces the label.

So naturally, in the spirit of research, I had to buy the wine. After downloading the app and visiting 3 different stores, I finally found one of the 19 Crimes bottles at my local Kroger, and on sale no less. I tested out the app and found the illusion so much fun I had to buy it.

Wine drunk or creative marketing?

What does this wine company have to do with digital marketing? Everything. AR is listed on almost every “Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018” list and has gained traction in games such as Pokemon Go and the first down line in sports broadcast. 19 Crimes Market is also capitalizing on how integrated social media is in a person’s everyday life and advertising content on those platforms. Like many, checking my social media pages is part of my daily morning routine. The wine company’s unique AR marketing prompted genuine interaction in the form of tagging friends in their video content they created on their Facebook page and organic user-created content. Regardless of the form, the company has gained traction without spending any of their marketing budget on Facebook posts* due to organic/virtual word of mouth. Regardless of who I spoke to when explaining my homework assignment, 9 out of 10 people were already familiar with the brand.

Curtis Park Market made a wise choice and gained first-mover advantage by thinking outside the bottle in terms of marketing. If the app download wasn’t necessary the potential for their AR usage would grow exponentially. While I wasn’t excited for augmented reality to become even more mainstream in the coming years, Curtis Park Market is slowing changing my mind and I like it (and wine).


* This is an assumption based on my research but may be inaccurate


Abbey Bohn

Abbey Bohn

January 20, 2018at 9:34 am

I have heard of augmented reality but not really looked into it too much…but this is so cool! I love that this wine company was able to tie into digital marketing like this besides just the usual social media presence.

Surthi Nanda

Surthi Nanda

January 22, 2018at 3:20 pm

I wrote about wine too so this post got me really excited. I like seeing wine companies adapting the times especially as the digital age runs rampant. It is so important for companies to be aware to the new trends and to not fall behind on them. This runs true especially for the wine industry because their main consumer bracket continues to age but is used to having companies keep up with social changes to stay relevant.

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