A Brew For Your Thoughts: #takeTerrapin

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A Brew For Your Thoughts: #takeTerrapin

Over the last few years Terrapin has become one of the most successful brewing companies in Georgia. This company has made their way into virtually every grocery store around the Athens and Atlanta area and have even opened up a taproom at the new Braves Stadium. Like all craft beer companies, the success of the company depends a lot on their marketing techniques. For Terrapin, one of their coolest marketing techniques is their use of the hashtag #takeTerrapin, which is intended to encourage consumers to post pictures to show where they enjoy drinking Terrapin beer. When consumers use the hashtag they are not only engaging with the company, but they are also providing Terrapin with free advertising and positive word of mouth. In addition to free advertising, this hashtag demonstrates to consumers that a Terrapin beer is appropriate for any occasion. My favorite examples of this hashtag are:

1. #takeTerrapin on a trip down the river

2. #takeTerrapin out in the snow 

3. #takeTerrapin to play soccer

4. #takeTerrapin to work on your car


5. #takeTerrapin to write a blog post 😉



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Dominique Kennerly

Dominique Kennerly

January 23, 2018at 7:29 pm

I had no idea Terrapin had a hashtag! I really like how simple but fun it is. It also ties in great with their motto of creating unique experiences through the passionate brewing of the finest quality craft beers. When it comes to creating unique experiences, taking Terrapin on your adventures is the perfect pairing! Do you know when they started this hashtag / would you consider over 2,700 hashtag uses a success? Hashtags are great but I always wonder if they have some way of tracking conversions though they may be using it more for brand awareness and positioning as opposed to actually creating a conversion at that exact moment.

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