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Stop Exercising Start Training

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Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a health and fitness app created in 2011 by Nike Inc. It is a personal trainer built for women. The best thing is that the app offers more than 160 workouts all free. Nike promotes the idea of:  “Stop Exercising Start Training” with the intention of publicizing that by training you go through a progress and you know what you are doing and why you are doing it; by setting goals and creating workout plans and being able to train with a professional coach, all available to you by Nike.

With my personal experience after trying a variety of free apps for fitness training, NTC is the most complete and reliable one. Most of the other apps are advertised as free but only offer limited content. As a user of this app I can use the exercises whether I am in the gym or at home, and it is flexible to my schedule.  It also offers a lot of variety and can be used as the only exercise or as a complementary workout.

About the app

It is a personal trainer guided by experts through instructional audio and video clips for each workout. It offers a variety of exercises for all levels; you can either browse by muscle group or by workout type (endurance, mobility, strength, yoga). It also makes available different routines that vary on duration from around 15 minutes to an hour long. The user can select goal and fitness level. There is also personalized training plans and training recommendations based on each user´s routine; the more you use the app the more personal the recommendations become. Users are encouraged to unlock exclusive workouts by training more and more. In addition NTC features some well-known athletes and workouts inspired by them.

The app also offers NTC live workouts all around the world. Nike Trainers lead the workout and you can find upcoming events and find other members of the NTC according to the user´s specific location. The app also allows you to find and connect with friends to see their trainings, like a newsfeed.  Another available feature is to build a community and create community challenges in which you can train together with acquaintances.

Social Media Presence

Through this app Nike sells the idea of “Smart Training”, they advertise NTC through and other social media channels. Nike Training Club is constantly mentioned online as one of the best apps for training. Its social media presence it is mostly devoted to encouraging app downloads in which exclusive content can be found. They also use different channels to connect with fans and let them know what´s to come in the app.

It is advertised in Facebook through Nike´s official page and Nike Women page, however there is no Nike Training Club official page. Even though fans can find a variety of NTC non-official (community) pages for each country, it is a weakness for the brand not to have all of their followers in one place promoted by the company itself.

Twitter also drives followers towards the app. The official NTC profile on Twitter has 180k followers; 11,9k tweets, 1895 likes. Posts about new and old features in the app and talks about partnerships made to improve the app. Finally, Nike uses a lot of celebrity endorsement both in their official Nike profile and in the Nike Training Club profile. On the other hand, in Instagram Nike creates a presence and uses attractive visual content. Currently it has 1.3m followers and only 310 posts.  The company uses it mainly to advertise Nike apparel and shoes. As with Twitter it features celebrities in small clips. However they don’t emphasize much on the app and its features and user´s results.

We can see that there is definitely some social media marketing aspects that the brand can improve on. They should do it for 2 main reasons: the first is to encourage more app users, the second is to engage their current users more by creating communities and worldwide movements. This would be a win-win situation for both the brand and women like me that are interested in a good fitness app and community.

What does Nike gain from this?

With NTC, Nike is creating a presence, meaning they want to be in top of the mind of the consumer. Consumers feel that Nike not only sells athletic apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories but that the company cares about our fitness and health. It tries to establish and maintain a relationship with the consumers in a daily basis. Besides Nike being in the app´s name we are also exposed to the brand in all trainings and videos since the coaches always use Nike gear. Finally, they also try to encourage sales with the catch “Train in Training Gear”, when they make potential consumers aware of their need of adequate training gear to help them with stability and support for every move.




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Christine Min

Christine Min

January 22, 2018at 10:52 pm

Great blog post! I actually use that Nike Training App and I love it! (I didn’t know it was designed for women though)
Nike is such a strong brand in general, and adding this training app on top of all that, no wonder Nike is the top brand for athletics. They’re doing a great job with their social media presence and really taking advantage of everything in order to keep their spot as #1.

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