The Rise of Influencer Marketing

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing

It’s no question that social media and an increasingly technologically advanced world have impacted the ways in which we are choosing to consume media. Rather than subscribing to cable and reading magazines, we’re spending all of our time on Instagram and watching YouTube videos. So it’s no surprise that this change in entertainment consumption has gone hand in hand with a rise in creative ways for companies to market their brands. Enter ‘social media influencers.’ This has become a fairly basic method of marketing, but it’s title still tends to have a relatively negative connotation in consumer minds. This can likely be attributed to the outrageous number of YouTube stars and Instagram models who have been quick to jump on this bandwagon. However, the title, ‘social media influencer,’ is meant to apply to far more types of people than just those similar to the illustrious Paul brothers.

Technically, by definition, an influencer could be anyone who has a large following on one or more social media platforms. This may include actors, athletes, singers, etc. Still, though, a large number of these ‘influencers’ can be found on the most popular social media pages and YouTube channels. Essentially, what companies do is pay someone who has influence over other potential consumers to act as a temporary spokesperson for their brand. Companies use this type of marketing for maximum amounts of advertisement to a wider market of consumers.

It’s important to be aware of this marketing shift, as we’re living on the cusp of a whole new era of marketing and these influencers are the poster children of this new trend in marketing.

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Carly Dubay

Carly Dubay

January 23, 2018at 10:59 am

I wrote about something similar but didn’t focus as much on the actual definition of an “influencer,” so I found this interesting. I think that it was smart of you to note that influencers are often used as temporary spokespeople rather than complete brand ambassadors which is something I didn’t think about.

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