3 Reasons Food Prep Benefits My Life

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3 Reasons Food Prep Benefits My Life

On the weekends, I go to Kroger and get protein and veggies to get ready for the upcoming week. I go home and cook everything at once and separate it into individual meals. While I do not necessarily do this for the health reasons associated, it has ended up being a benefit. I get inspiration and ideas from digital outlets such as Pinterest and even specific brand websites such as Kraft. Please see all the benefits below:

  • Saves me time:

Having meals already cooked and prepped saves me time because it has cut down on the number of times I go to the grocery store per week to only one. It also prevents me from having to leave work to run to a restaurant and grab lunch. Each day, when I am ready for dinner, all I have to do is go to the fridge and warm up a meal. I don’t have to go through the cooking process everyday which usually takes me about an hour. That is very valuable time to me right now because I have school work to finish or jobs to apply for.

  • Saves me money:

When I meal prep, I have all my lunches for the week ready to go and I don’t need to buy as many meals to get me through the day. Jimmy John’s is right by where I work, and trust me, it is so easy to walk over and get a sandwich. But each time I go, it is at least an $8 trip. If I do this 2-3 times a week that is a lot of money, especially considering I have food in my refrigerator that is already paid for and just needs to be cooked. Here, I am only talking about lunch, but going out to eat for dinner is generally more expensive than JJ’s. By meal prepping, I limit my number of meals out per week to 2 or 3 (that includes lunch and dinner) and in the long run, that really saves me a lot of money.

  • Health:

While not going to restaurants and eating out saves me money, it also encourages me to eat more unhealthy foods. Who doesn’t love a number 1 from Chick Fil A? They are delicious but so bad for you. When I meal prep, I am very strict to have a protein and veggies. This ends up being better for me because it is healthy and nutritious option.

The downsides:

Of course, there are always downsides to every good thing. For me, the downside of meal prep is having to eat the same thing over and over all week. I usually try to make two different meals and alternate them during the week, but still, it gets really old. But that is also why I allow myself 2-3 meals out, so I can get some differentiation in there.


Casey Baker

Casey Baker

January 23, 2018at 10:40 am


I loved your post. I actually have done something similar. Last semester, I used to go to the grocery store about once a week and buy supplies for smoothies for the week. These smoothies were filled with protein and vegetables, so I would use them as meals. This also saved me a lot of money and was much healthier, but I also ran into the problem of getting sick of having the same thing. For that reason, I ended up stopping the smoothies, but still make an effort to eat healthy.

Mary Benfield

Mary Benfield

January 23, 2018at 11:05 am

Food prep is also something that I am interested in. Have you ever thought about trying one of the meal delivery services? Right now, I am trying Hungry Root. It is super healthy, and all of the meals take less than 7 minutes to prepare! So far I have really enjoyed all of the dishes I have tried. Maybe this would be a service that would interest you!

Aleksandar Kapetanovic

Aleksandar Kapetanovic

January 23, 2018at 11:14 am

I was definitely grabbed when I saw a blog about meal prepping. I’m not sure why you started it, but for me it was when I got serious about my fitness and health lifestyle. I loved how you mentioned the convenience of eating out, but the cost that comes with it. I can eat Chipotle like it’s nobody’s business, and I way prefer just pulling up and ordering my food over cooking all the ingredients that would go in my bowl. Also I think everybody runs into getting tired of the same foods. To this day I find it difficult to stomach a bagel because of how frequent and forced it was in my diet a while back. My suggestion however would be that you master maybe 3 whole meals. Have the designated carbs, proteins, and fats and make sure they are all different between meals. Then spices become your best friend. They let you mix things up to a degree and the problem of getting tired of the same foods is minimized.

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