Backpacking Europe: Steps

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Backpacking Europe: Steps

This past semester I spent it abroad studying in London but for a month before and two and a half weeks after I took a backpack and solo traveled around the European continent. Throughout this journey I racked up more than 700 miles and lost about 15 lbs. Now without even telling you how I know this, you can probably guess where I even got this data. Given there are different products and methods to get this data whether its a Fitbit or other fitness tracker but I personally just used the step tracker and health app that came with my iPhone.

Because I’ve grown in a world full of technology touching nearly all aspects of my life, I don’t notice that even while I’m not actively on my tech devices it still monitors my every move, documents it, and converts it into readable data points that tells me about myself and my activities of the day. It’s unbelievably thorough how through just one app it can tell me about my health patterns, keep me accountable, how I sleep, and how I’ve been maintaining my health through excercise and eating.

While abroad it was pivotal to have these data points collected for me personally to ensure I was healthy because backpacking calls for a lot of spontaneity and being unsure when the next time I’m going to eat and how many calories I should be taking in with the amount of miles I was walking that day.

This just goes to show that digital marketing touches our lives without having us make a active effort to have it integrated into our lives.


Madeline Wellstead

Madeline Wellstead

January 23, 2018at 2:14 pm

I am actually going to be traveling around Europe this summer after I graduate! I have been looking into getting a Fitbit or some kind of activity tracking device before I go. The main reason was to track my steps/miles while I was there, but I never really thought about how many calories I will consume and how long I will go without a meal one day.

Caitlyn Wells

Caitlyn Tam

January 23, 2018at 2:31 pm

I’m sure you had an incredible time! It’s very cool and sometimes unsettling just how much data our phones can collect about us each day. I’m glad that this feature was able to be used by you to monitor the data points you needed in order to stay healthy for your backpacking endeavors.

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