Break Plateaus and Build More Muscle

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Break Plateaus and Build More Muscle

Thanks to social media we’ve just about been exposed to the same old information about how to workout. If you’re looking through people’s Instagrams or watching any fitness You-tuber, you’ll see that it’s all the same. Why? Well for the most part its because the underlying method to building muscle is going to be the same. Tear down muscle fibers, so they can rebuild even better. Form is going to be essential for both an optimal and injury free workout, and will be the same every time you watch it. If we’re being honest no one trick will be able to bring amazing fast results. It’s going to be hard work repeated over and over.

So how am I going to tell you to build more muscle and break plateaus in a different way than you’ll commonly see every where else? Simple. I’m going to assume you know all the basic exercises, such as flat bench press, incline press, flys, etc. In fact im not even going to recommend to you which exercises you should do. What I’m going to do is tell you how you should go about your sets and reps and when to do your exercises.

One thing I have to preface with is that regardless of which exercises you have chosen for your day, don’t repeat the exact same workout next time you hit chest. More specifically, if you went through your day doing flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, and flys, then next time switch incline bench to dumbells or add in push ups. Throw in and change some exercises from workout to workout. Of course if you are looking to increase your flat bench you’ll do it every workout, but always find a way to mix things up. Furthermore make sure you are starting your workouts with compound movements and end with isolation movements.

Now with all that said, a great way to build your set is by doing a 3-2 method for the compound movements. The 3-2 method is a 5 set plan in which you do 3 working sets of heavy weight reaching 5-6 reps and then 2 sets of lighter weight controlled for 12-15 reps. Once you’ve reached your isolation movements switch to a 4 and a drop set plan. Find a weight that you can do 10-12 reps until the 4th set. On the 4th set have a weight that causes you to struggle for 8 reps and then do a drop set to anything you can do for 15 reps.

Now these recommendations have been helpful for me and others I know, but everyone’s body is different. If you reach new plateaus and aren’t moving up in weight after doing this, you might need to switch things up again. I’m sure a lot of you haven’t done your workouts to these specific set and rep recommendations so the change of pace will leave you with a good pump and hopefully really good progress. In the end, always change things up and challenge yourself!

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