Dating Apps: Advertising Gold Mine?

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Dating Apps: Advertising Gold Mine?

Tinder. I associate negative feelings when I hear that word.

However, 15% of America’s adults are on dating applications like Tinder for about 90 minutes a day.  In this day and age of our desperation for love, dating online and dating mobile apps are becoming more and more prevalent. No matter how much I hate online dating, I won’t deny that it can be a powerful tool for advertising.

Think about it. Besides sites like where you have to pay for their services, mobile apps like Tinder or Bumble offer a free version and a premium version of their apps. So… who actually pays for premium memberships? Not many. According to mediakix, more than 90% of these dating app users are NON-paying members. You start paying, you lose the ads. But clearly, not many people mind the ads, and clearly, there’s enough of an audience for the ads on there to get some kind of attention.

Beauty products, razors, plastic surgery, Lasik, gym memberships, clothing stores — anything regarding physical appearance or bettering your outward appearance — definitely have the potential to attract singles between the ages of 20-50 into succumbing to their products/services.

Pssst, I’d recommend trying to meet a person in real life, but hey, that’s just me.

On a slight tangent, I think dating apps in general are doing great advertising and targeting. I fairly recently went through a break up and Google quickly picked up on that fact. Lo and behold, I was seeing advertisement videos of Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel,, Chispa, and East Meets East on all of my social media accounts, not to mention Hulu. I wish dating apps weren’t so specific (on race/ethnicity, religion, etc) because you can fall in love with anyone, but I guess I could understand the appeal. I mean, if you want to make an account with FarmersOnly, you go on ahead. I’ll give it a hard pass.

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William Reilly Farrell

William Farrell

January 28, 2018at 5:53 pm

I’d imagine that these apps are an advertising gold mine. By virtue of the apps having a specific purpose (to find romantic partners in some capacity), customers basically opt themselves into a target market that some of the industries you mentioned may want to take advantage of. I’d be interested to see conversion rates on these ads.

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