Facebook’s Personal Touch

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Facebook’s Personal Touch

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In an effort to make Facebook more personalized, the company has decided to change the site’s algorithms to focus specifically on posts that relate to family and friends. This change came about in response to feedback that suggested advertisements and news media were taking over users’ news feeds. Here are a few ways the change will affect your news feed:


  1. You will see more pictures, status updates, and videos from your friends and family. The new formula for the site will highlight posts that your Facebook friends have engaged with through likes and comments.


  1. Public content from businesses, brands, and media will become less prominent. Although Facebook has been a huge source for news in the past, the site will no longer highlight content from media outlets. Facebook is also working to weed out any sources of fake news and will rely only on trusted media sources.


  1. You will have the option to prioritize the content you see. Using the settings on the news feed tab, you will be able to select which pages, friends, and posts you want to appear on your feed. If you still want to see posts from your favorite brands and publishers, you can personalize your feed to show content from those pages.


  1. You will likely spend less time scrolling through your news feed. Zuckerberg admits that Facebook users will likely devote less time to the site but he hopes that the time spent will be more valuable.


This change will also have a substantial impact on the way brands and publishers can reach their audiences. Companies will have to find new ways to reach consumers’ news feeds by making sure people are engaging with content and sharing it with their own Facebook friends. Video will likely become the most prominent tool for marketers and publishers on Facebook because it is the medium that often has the most engagements. Additionally, influencers can be hired to share promotional content with their followers. Sponsored advertising will become increasingly expensive as companies continue to try to break through to users’ timelines.

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Allie Myers

Allie Myers

January 23, 2018at 12:37 pm

I am really glad that Facebook is making this change. For a while, it seemed like news and businesses were taking over my newsfeed- in a uncomfortable kind of way. I am glad to learn that Facebook is reverting back to its original purpose- to connect family and friends. In this day and age, companies need be more creative with marketing and less intrusive. Thank you Zuckerberg for allowing this to happen!

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