Freeze Your Fat

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Freeze Your Fat

Did you know there’s a way to permanatley kill your fat cells in about any area of your body? It’s called CoolSculpting!

This is a non-surgical and FDA-cleared procudure that’s designed to eliminate unwanted fat cells once and for all. What’s even better is CoolSculpting requires absolutley NO downtime! Continue with your regular daily routine right after recieving the treatment. Say goodbye to your double chin, flabby arms, banana roll, and more! The procudure simply freezes and kills about 25% of your fat cells in any given area. On another note, you can expect the CoolSculpting procedure to take about 30 mins, depending on the area being treated.

CoolSculpting, unfortunatley, isn’t for everyone. Those who have a healthy diet, excercise regularly, and are close to their ideal weight are considered good candidates for the treatment. Following treatment, you’ll see results in just 6 weeks! People recommened CoolSculpting because of its fast results/treatment time, easy treatment, and safe overall experience.

You’re probably wondering “okay, but how much am I paying?”, CoolSculpting is not cheap. In fact, it can be very expensive depending on which areas you need treated. The price of CoolSculpting can rage from $1000-$3000.

In order for CoolSculpting practices to promote their procedures, proper marketing strategies need to be implemented. Since CoolSculpting is a procedure that people usually research greatly and need convincing, businesses need to assure that their marketing is educational and persuasive. Using digital marketing to educate consumers as much information as they would get in a consultation, CoolSculpting practices can expect their target market to build trust in what they’re selling. Adding testimonials, creating FAQs, doing “CoolSculpting fact of the day” on social media is one way this can be accomplished. Writing blogs and including several content on a website are also two great ways CoolSculpting practices can effecitvely market their procudure.

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Savannah Sheats

Savannah Sheats

January 23, 2018at 2:56 pm

I already wanted cool sculpting because who doesn’t want to skip all those crunches but this post made me want it even MORE, if that’s possible!

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