How a website convinced me to buy a t-shirt: So Worth Loving

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How a website convinced me to buy a t-shirt: So Worth Loving

I first heard about So Worth Loving from a close friend as we were exploring Atlanta and went into Ponce City Market. She explained that the company sells t-shirts proclaiming self-worth. I thought that it was nice and cute so we decided to check out the tiny section they had in a market-like place called Citizens Supply(small local business rent out small nooks). Obviously everything in Ponce is on the more expensive side so I wasn’t expecting an affordable t-shirt. We went to the “So Worth Loving” section and found the shirts, they were soft but simple and $35. There was nothing super special about them so I didn’t rationalize with myself to buy a $35 basic white t-shirt so I moved on. Later, I was intrigued by the brand name and looked them up online. I saw the beautiful website and saw the owner wrote the story of how SWL started.  She says in her “letter” : “I’m here to inspire empathy in safe places.” The story was beautiful and inspiring so naturally I decided to browse around the website. I fell in love with the concept of the t-shirts and what they inspire. They have models that look like regular people so it was refreshing. I also saw they have a blog with multiple writers and it really felt like a community. On the website one of the first things you see is this quote:

No matter your past mistakes, relationship status, career choice, or the history that you came from, you are so worth loving. #SWLFAMILY 

I no longer thought $35 was pricey, I even thought it was cheap because of the great message. I decided to not only buy the t-shirt, I also bought a beanie because I was so on board with the message of the company. I decided to follow them on Instagram and it completely matches the experience of the website. As seen in the images below, everything they post is about self-love and loving others, very very little is them pushing me to buy something. It doesn’t feel like they’re just selling me something( even though they are) but it feels like I’m buying into the belief and story.

So Worth Loving does such a great job of telling a brand-story and creating a community of like minded people. They made my online experience even better than my “in-store” experience and convinced me to buy their products. I felt no buyer’s remorse once I received the t-shirt and beanie in the mail, I was just excited to put them on. The website and Instagram convinced me. 



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