Iceland’s Tourism Boom

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Iceland’s Tourism Boom

Whether it be hiking through the many waterfalls and hot springs, or taking a cruise under the northern lights, many us dream of a vacation to Iceland. Until around 2000, Iceland’s tourism industry wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. Between 2003-2010, we saw a growth in the number of visitors of 6% each year, and between 2010-2015 that growth rate became 20% per year. It seems that almost overnight, Iceland became one of the world’s must-see travel destinations.

Why is this though? In 2010, Iceland suffered a terrifying natural disaster with the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Fearing the hit to their newly founded tourism industry (which had already rose to being an important part of their GDP, they capitalized on a comprehensive social media campaign with the intention of maintaining the current level of tourism. However, as you might have already noted from the statistics, this campaign pushed them way further than they ever expected, reaching double-digit growth year to year.


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