Muslims, Christians, and Digital Marketing

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Muslims, Christians, and Digital Marketing

As an aspiring refugee relief worker to the middle east, marketing initially sounds like a the wrong major. To be honest, I’m unsure why I’m a marketing major, but God uses ALL things for those who love him. And I’m a second semester senior, so it’s too late to switch.

This past summer I did relief work in a closed nation (illegal to evangelize) in Asia. After 3 months of fighting for my asian friends to know Jesus, my team and I threw a party for our friends as a time to say goodbye to us before heading back to the US. At this party, a girl named Hedassa told us about a dream she had several years earlier. In Hedassa’s dream, she was in a dark, cold, and lonely room until a man appeared and grabbed her hand. When he touched her, she felt warm, safe, and free. He then took her on a journey and showed her the moon, stars, sky, mountains and ocean. Then she woke up. When we asked why she suddenly shared this 3-year-old dream with us, she said, “Because you all reminded me of the man.”

Arab World Ministries is a ministry famous for digital christian relief work among muslims. When arab muslims have dreams of a man in white who has freed them from rejection, shame, and purposelessness, yet no believer is around to explain the supernatural power of their savior revealing himself in the night, Arab World Ministries steps in. Surveys are sent throughout the Middle East asking if any muslims have had a similar experience to Hedassa. And a shockingly high percentage of people check “yes.” Interested respondents then have the option to meet with someone who can explain their dream accurately: a christian worker. Digital marketing has obviosuly revolutionized American shopping, but is it beginning to revolutionize global christian relief work? Instead of workers trekking through mountainous cities looking for peaceful and open-minded muslims to share Christ with, curious arabs now reach out to them. So as a marketing christian, perhaps my role is to push the revolution of a behind-the-times profession.

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