OK Go: Creating Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

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OK Go: Creating Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

OK Go, remember them? They made their big debut in 2006 with the release of the video for “Here It Goes Again.” It was the low budget music video choreographed on treadmills that became an internet sensation. Since then, they have put out four albums, won a Grammy, and made some pretty great corporate deals. 

Everyone knows the story of the struggling artist, and OK Go has used corporate partnerships as a way of supporting their art. The band’s lead singer, Damian Kulash, tells IEG SR that “in the real world, we need funding from somewhere, so when investments from record labels dry up, we have to look elsewhere for our daily bread.” OK Go has partnered with companies like Morton Salt, State Farm, and their most recent, Double A Quality Paper.

The video for their song “Obsession” was filmed over the course of five days using 567 printers and several hundred pieces of paper. Double A’s smooth, jam-free printing is showcased in the music video, and is a smart move for a paper company in a world filled with technology. If only Dunder Mifflin Paper Company had thought of the idea to sponsor a music video.

Another one of their popular music videos was sponsored by Morton Salt. The branded music video was for the song “The One Moment” and featured the 4.2 second shot slowed down. It is part of Morton Salt’s “Walk Her Walk” campaign, and focuses on the point that it only takes a moment to make a difference.

All in all, I believe OK Go has made a very smart decision in branding their music videos and getting large companies to sponsor them. They are able to continue to do what they love and make art, all on someone else dime.

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