Razors? What a Waste!

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Razors? What a Waste!

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The start of this blog meant the start of my journey to finding brands dedicated to giving customers the environmental friendly aspect they are looking for, and my research left me questioning what in my own home could just as easily be switched out with one of these “green” brands. After looking around, I became overwhelmed with how many products I use that will soon be tossed into the sea of landfills. One item that stood out to me was my cheap and very plastic disposable razor. I honestly had never thought about my razor as something that would need to be recycled. I am pretty avid about recycling all my bottles and cans, newspapers or jars, and absolutely every piece of styrofoam, but I always just tossed my razor into the little trashcan next to my toilet after its week or so of use was up and went about my day.

This got me thinking, “How many razors do I actually throw away?” Turns out, I go through a ton of razors, and my number is probably way less, than the average person considering I don’t replace mine until it physically can’t do its job anymore. In fact, the EPA estimates that about 2 BILLION razors are thrown away each year! That’s insane! So my first thought was, “Easy fix. I’ll start recycling them.” Wrong. You aren’t allowed to recycle razors in the United States. So I figured there must be some trendy, environmental friendly company that has come up with an alternative to this problem, and I stumbled upon just ONE company.

Preserve is a sustainable consumer goods company that offers razors, along with many other household goods, made entirely from recycled plastic. In addition, they give customers the option to send those used razor back to the company, where they can be properly recycled, and then turned into another one of their products. I took some time to check out their social media, and found they have only a little more than 4,600 followers on Instagram and about 16,000 followers on Facebook. Preserve Product’s posts are very sporadic, and the Facebook seems to feature more about the achievements of the company and less about all the recycled products available and the overall impact of these products. While the Instagram seems to be doing a little bit better with showcasing the product, it still lacks the connection to its customers. There are very few real people featured in any posts, and if there are, it is usually the founder of the company. Preserve could not only benefit from showing consumers that all their products can be just as functional and reliable as any other product, but also focusing on the impact a customers purchase is making. After all, that’s why people choose an environmental friendly product, right? They want to give back, and they want to see that the things they believe and do are making a difference. There is opportunity to form a community around the dedication of this company and its customers to the planet, because of how many products they offer. Purchasing these products is more than a one time chance to “do good”. Choosing to switch to Preserve Products is a lifestyle choice, and the social media should reflect that lifestyle.

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