Saving the Olympic Sport One #Hashtag at a Time

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Saving the Olympic Sport One #Hashtag at a Time

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In the run-up to run up to the 2016 Rio Olympics the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) ran a social media campaign to help increase the equestrian community’s presence on social sites. The FEI said it was to show the remarkable relationship between horse and rider, but the main reasons that they promoted the campaign was to help show the connection and interaction of the equestrian community to investors, Olympic committees, and television advertisers.

The campaign was #twohearts and they encouraged all national governing bodies to promote the campaign through their social media outlets. The FEI wanted the tag to but used by everyone every time they posted something equestrian related so that they could use those numbers with people interested in financing the sport. The campaign started because the IOC was considering removing Equestrian sports from future Olympics and since equestrian sports have been a part of the Olympics since its inception the FEI launched the campaign to save the Olympic sport.


The tag is still being used by FEI and other national governing bodies on all platforms but the usage by the everyday equestrian has fallen especially when you take into account the Instagram numbers. The #horses has over 10 million post and the #twohearts only has over 220 thousand. This could be because the campaign only reached the members of the FEI and members of an equestrian national governing body and not the entire equestrian community as a whole. It could also be because the promotion of the #twohearts campaign slowed down and is almost nonexistent today even though they still encourage people to use the hashtag.

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