Social Media’s Impact on Travel Pt. 1

Social Media’s Impact on Travel Pt. 1

Scrolling through trending hashtags and posts, one would think Instagram was initially invented to share stunning photos of the most unbelievable places in the world. Travelers love posting about their adventures, and not just on Instagram, but Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Social media has impacted travel not just during the trip, but also before and after.


Facebook is utilized for travel by consumers and business. Apparently, 52% of Facebook users report increased desire to travel after seeing friends’ posts. Social media has the power to inspire people and bring about a need for adventure when there previously was none. Facebook’s platform is essentially free advertising for hotels, airlines, and other companies that profit from travel. Additionally, 55% are involved in pages that relate to trip planning, especially when organizing their own. These pages could be for travel products (suitcases, travel journals), accommodations (hotels, Airbnb), even people (whose purpose is to share their travels). Now, you can even book your stay on Facebook! 50% of hotel companies have enabled users to book their room through a widget or booking engine right on their page.


Where do you get your vacation ideas from? 1 in 5 people search through social media for inspiration in their trip planning. Social media accounts for 27% of research on where they want to go. When planning hotel accommodations, looking for vacation activity inspiration, or researching attractions, social media is used for 22% each. Essentially, 1/3 of vacation planning is done through social media. Considering how simple it is to navigate, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Hashtags on Instagram, for example, can isolate the search to just about anything specific, be it an entire country, an island, or even a small stretch of beach. That makes it easy to visually narrow down ideas and even find new ones. Before the web of social media, the norm for trip planning was a travel agency and, for some, a library of books on destinations, restaurant reviews (usually by city), and more. Now, all of that information can be accessed on our phones or computers, usually free of charge, and forever overflowing with unique ideas and genuine recommendations.


How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact Travel

Courtney Howley

Courtney Howley

January 24, 2018at 8:39 am

Love this post! I absolutely love traveling whenever I can! SO true about how social media impacts where someone might end up going. I am always looking for the next place I want to go and often turn to instagram for pictures and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Elle Henderson

Elle Henderson

January 26, 2018at 4:13 pm

This was a really interesting post, especially reading all the stats you found. My family and I recently took a trip to Thailand, and we were actually just talking about how now it seems like suddenly we know a ton of people going to that part of the world–maybe it has something to do with social media trends.

Rebeca Villatoro

Rebeca Villatoro

January 30, 2018at 11:50 am

It’s definitely true that social media affects where I want to travel and where I don’t. Social media posts inspire a sense of adventure to go to places I had never thought of going. It’s interesting how travel companies utilize Facebook and in a way rely on people to post their personal travel pictures to build a greater desire to travel in their target market. Interesting article!

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