Social Media Marketing Within Business: Why is it Failing?!

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Social Media Marketing Within Business: Why is it Failing?!

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Currently, I run a small sales business (I like to call it that because it is, but it’s really just mostly a fun way to earn a little extra cash) composed of makeup and skincare products. The company I “work for” is called SeneGence. One of their most popular items, LipSense, is what sold me on the company and attracted me to become a distributor. LipSense is essentially a lip color that last up to 18 hours and requires little to no extra attention or reapplication during that time period! Freakin’ awesome, right? Especially for someone like myself who loves trying out new makeup products and values time and minimal effort after I apply the product the first time. The company presents up to a 50% discount for distributors (Hello, that in itself was enough to make me sign up!), the opportunity to make individual sales, along with the opportunity to recruit team members, or “downlines,” and make commission based on their orders and sales. It requires no minimum monthly sales but leaves a lot of room to allow the individual distributor to decide how active she wants to be. It was a no brainer, I definitely wanted in.

Shortly after beginning my business, I was doing plenty of sales with my friends and family. Quickly, however, things slowed down. I didn’t know how to promote my business outside of what I was doing. My social media pages were in tip-top shape! Did some research, and that’s when it hit me. Social media is an extremely effective, convenient, easy way to promote your business. It’s when you use social media as your only sales channel that things go south. Don’t get me wrong, utilizing Facebook and Instagram to make sales is a great way to do so. Some business solely make sales via this route. However, I have come to find that most consumers are more convinced and more likely to try your product when you see them face-to-face. When they can physically see your emotions, your excitement, your passion for what you’re talking about. A Facebook post is great, but it doesn’t provide that human factor that often is needed to seal the deal on sales, especially when retaining new customers. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, or hardly knowing them, and deciding that you want to retain them as a customer for your business. Would you pick up the phone, call them, and immediately start pitching your business to them? No! You have no relationship with this person yet. That would be weird, that would be awkward, that would be ineffective. Social media is meant to be used for communication of your product via online community, especially for those who have already purchased from you and are familiar with your business. Human presence is meant to be used as a marketplace, especially for creating a consumer base and building genuine, lasting relationships that will never fail to keep your customers coming back to purchase from you, time and time again.


So, right now, I know what you’re thinking. But, social media is so convenient! I don’t have time to pursue all of customers in person. A lot of my client base lives out of town! Social media as my main sales channel works best for me! Ok, and I totally believe you. If what you’re doing now for your business via social media is working, by all means, continue! However, if you, like most, are finding that sales are decreasing and your social media just isn’t active like it used to be or ever was, I challenge you to take my advice. Write letters, call people, host in-home parties, go by your customers’ houses if that is convenient for them, host a dinner party or go out to dinner and bring your products! If you absolutely cannot find time or it is absolutely impossible to have physical human interaction, GO LIVE on your Facebook pages or Instagram pages. Find some way to make your social media sales and your virtual business more personal and more tangible. I promise you, your business and your bank account will thank you later! ?

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